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Education/21st Century/Global Learning

Did You Know? - A Slideshow by Karl Fisch raising awareness of globalization
What If? - A Look back through history on thoughts about technology in the classroom
Social Networking- Watch this video to see why social networking is important.
Alan November- Alan discusses global learning
Alan November2 - 3 Skills Students Need to Succeed
3 Steps- good video in how we should prepare our students for tomorrow
When I Become a Teacher
Are Schools Killing Creativity?
Child's Creativity
Digtal Natives - Ian Jukes presents on Understanding od Digital Kids


Web 2.0 - see how the Internet has evolved from text to hypertext
Dove Evolution - See how a typical woman can be transformed into a supermodel
Evolution of Dance - Funny video of dance from the modern era


Baby Laughing- very cute baby!


Math Education: an Inconenient Truth
New Approach to Word Problems


Creation Science- a satirical song by a teacher who ties in comedial music to teach a little science


A Fair(y) Use Tale- This video teaches the use of copyright and fairuse using Disney clips

Amazing Biker