Google Earth


  1. Links from Mrs. Martin's delicious account - there are over 30 links there to learn about Google Earth including tutorials, lesson plans, videos, and sample tours. This link to resources also includes references to blogs and the Google Earth support team.

  2. The Google Earth globe icon link

  3. The Google Earth Education Community - Our project will be published here.
  4. Crowder, David A. Google Earth for Dummies, Wiley Publishing, Hoboken, NJ, 2007

  5. Brown, Martin C., Hacking Google Maps and Google Earth, Wiley Publishing, Indianapolis, Indiana, 2006


  1. About Placemarks: YouTube: Introduction

  2. Navigating in GoogleEarth - YouTube

  3. Searching for places and distances - YouTube

  4. Using the Flight Simulator in GoogleEarth

Internet:Google Earth Pro is FREE for EDUCATORS.