My Math Page

Virtual Manipulatives- Excellent! Most Math Topics are included following the NCTM Standards


Guess that number - Watch this chipmunk guess your number every time! Fun to do with a group! Can your students figure out the math formula?


Create a Graph - Kids can build their own graphs on this website. Bar, pie, line area etc. You can even click and drag your final onto a document as a .jpg to share their work
Bar Graph Practice - This is really neat! This is a bar graph template where kids can manipulate the bar graph and very colorful. Print it out!

Coordinate Grids

Billy Bug - A neat game on learning how coordinate grids works
Billy Bug 2 - Advanced learning on coordinate grids with 4 quadrants


Virtual Analog Clock - Throw away those clunky clocks from your closet! Kids can manipulate the clocks by clicking on the green arrows!
Stop the Clock- Match Analog time with written words. Record your time
Stop the Clock- 1/2 hour intervals.
Stop the Clock- 15 minute intervals.
Stop the Clock- 5 minute intervals.
Stop the Clock- 1 minute intervals
Give Me the Time- Play this game - Move the hands on the clock to match the time on the clock (Analog and Digital)
Bang On Time - A countdown game. As the hands continue to move, click "stop" to match the given time. Levels of difficulty offered


Math Cats- Use this grid to see the area of a times table
Bitesize Multiplication- Practice multiplication facts with this guessing game

Square Numbers

Spooky Squares- Find the missing square number in the sequence


Really Big Numbers- Enter a really big number. Click to see how it is written with words!
Base 10 Blocks


Equivalents- shows a number line with colored bars or circles. Manipulate each one to get equivalents


100 Number Chart- This is an interactive chart. Change the color of the crayon, and click inside a number. Make patterns
Tesselations- Set your shapes and colors. Go tesselate!
Virtual LiteBrite- Need I say more?


Assemble the Square- Move the pieces around to make a square. Play inside a geoboard
Tangram Puzzle- Given a tangram, create an object
Chinese Tangram- Given pieces of a tangram, recreate the object given. Select different objects


Money Program- Click and drag the coins to match the given amount of money. Go advanced to make change!


Estimator - This is a great way to use in a whole group lesson to introduce estimation with a line bar. Set the "stage" to increase the level of difficulty!
Guess the Number- Great game to play to practice estimation.


Banana Hunt- Estimate by dragging one side of the angle to match the degrees given. A little difficult at first, but a great way to learn angles
Virtual Protractor- Wow! Move the protractor around the angle to measure it. Various levels of difficulty.
Angle Transversals- For the advanced student. Great way to see different angles/comparing



Perimeter Explorer- Guess the perimeter in this activity. Check your answer. Offers levels of difficulty
Area Explorer- Guess the area in this activity. Check your answer.
Shape Explorer- Find the Area and Perimeter in this activity
Math Cats Measurement Converter- Plug in a number and see how it would read in other measurements


Virtual Spinner- You can modify your spinner, spin it and record your results