Collaborative Projects

Sample Projects:

  1. "Braids" is a metaphor for weaving classrooms, lives and cultures together.
  2. This is a collaborative creative story writing project using a wiki. Each school is passes the "baton" as they add on to the story using the story elements. Students embed a voicethread so that they can narrate the story on the wiki page.
  3. A NING project where elementary students collect tree samples 3 times a year and report their findings. classes all over the world can participate.

Get Connected:

Collaborative Projects are created all the time. There is no "one place" to find a collaborative project. In fact, it takes some time searching for the right one. There are websites you can go to, but one of the BEST ways to find ideas for projects is to "GET CONNECTED" and stay connected! Here are a few resources for you to connect with others like yourself to get these great ideas and resources. This is also a great way to let others know that you have an idea and would like to collaborate.
  1. Twitter- Sign up and start building a network of teachers from all over the world.
  2. Edublog- Start a blog and bring others into your blog by commenting on other educators postings on their own blog.
  3. Wiki- start your own wikispace. Bring others into
  4. Ning- join Ning's Social Network for educators. Make posts and join in discussions.
  5. Classroom 2.0- This is another social network site for educators


  1. Global School Network
  2. Education World
  3. CIESE